Missed Three

Missed Three

It's simple, and impossible to beat! Tap every blue target you see. How many can you hit before you miss three?

Probably the simplest game on the App Store!

Available for FREE from the App Store for both iPhone and iPad!

Missed Three Start Screen

Rocket Science ... it's not!

To get started, just tap "Start" on the main screen.

You then get a three second countdown before you have to get busy with the tapping.

Missed Three Start Screen

Game Play ... such as there is ...

Just tap every blue circle as soon as it appears.

If you tap a target before it disappears then it turns green and your number of "Hits" goes up.

If you fail to hit a target before it disappears and the next is shown, your "Misses" go up.

Every now and then the time that targets remain on screen gets reduced, it starts to get pretty darn frenetic.

Missed Three Game Play Screen

You Won! (or failed slower)

Once your misses reach 3 the game is over, and if you're very very lucky you get to share your new High Score!

Missed Three High Score

I Kan Haz Supprt? (stealing myself already)

The Settings & Support screen can be accessed by tapping the little cog icon in the bottom right of the start screen.

If the awesome sounds start to grate, you can turn them off in the Settings & Support screen.

If you would like to send us an email to congratulate us on our awe inspiring game, need support or have any other comments, please use the "Contact Support" link on the Settings & Support screen (or use any of the methods found in the next section of this site).

Missed Three Settings & Support Screen


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